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BloominMind HealthTech Inc is a Health IT company with a focus on building product solutions and services for mental & behavioral health

Our company specializes in admissions, referrals, bed management and EHR. Weoffer a wide range of solutions connections for stakeholders to people in search of healthcare resources for all their health needs via our digital platform V-PARC (Virtual Patient Admitting and Referral Center).


Currently hospitals call admitting and referral services at multiple hospitals or residential placements, to find out Bed/resource availability. This process is

  • Manual
  • Complex
  • Time Consuming

There is currently no centralized system where stake holders can explore available comprehensive resources in one place in real time. This leads to long wait times for patients in emergency rooms or on inpatient units. Currently hospitals call admitting and referral services at multiple hospitals (Outbound), to find out Bed/resource availability. Admitting and Referral Services staff responds (Inbound) to the various hospitals about their bed availability

V-PARC resolve issues with both the current outbound and inbound mode of communication by having all such calls directed to V-PARC, which then notifies the caller electronically of an available hospital based on the search. This will speed up the identification of an emergency bed, automate logging of call requests, and eliminate the need to notify other hospitals of bed unavailability. This system can also be leveraged in electronically transmitting other information between hospitals. An internal dashboard for each hospital will monitor their bed availability.

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